Shark Attacks of the Twentieth

Century - from the Pacific Coast of
North America by Ralph S. Collier

Shark attacks are an ancient and terrifying possibility that fuels our darkest nightmares. Why do sharks attack humans? How many have occurred off the Pacific Coast? Are some months more 'sharky' than others? Are some places less or more likely to have Great White Sharks that might be inclined to take a bite out of you? Are humans attacked because they look like a seal? What are the odds that you might be attacked? If attacked, will you survive?

These questions and many more are answered in Scientia Publishing's new trade book "Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century: from the Pacific Coast of North America," the single most historically valuable book ever written on the subject. Until now, there was no cross-reference of information about when, where, and why attacks took place. The inquisitive had virtually no place to go to investigate whether patterns exist in shark attacks. Most important of all, aside from simply staying out of the water, there was no resource to rely on for alternatives so as not to become the next unfortunate victim.

"Vivid accounts of attacks are punctuated with chilling, never-before published photographs. If you are interested in Great White Sharks or shark attacks, this is a Must Have book for your library."
   - R. Aidan Martin, Director, ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research

"Collier's findings are more than a little intriguing to anyone who is interested in sharks, or in staying alive."
  - Ben Marcus, Surfer Magazine

Case 51 - Lewis Boren Surfboard

".....the book is shockingly
   - Publishers Weekly

"A Masterpiece! This book sets
the standard for future
publications on this topic."
  - Dr. Erich Ritter, Chief Scientist,
    Global Shark Attack File, 
    Shark Research Institute

" informative book."
  - Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor

"Spectacular! Nothing like this has ever been published on the subject of shark attacks."
  - Dr. Alessandro de Maddalena, Curator, 
    Great White Shark Data Bank, Milano, Italy

"Collier's book reveals some fascinating facts and is a must for all ocean-goers"
  - Peter C. Howorth, Director, Marine Mammal Center,
    Santa Barbara, California

"Collier hooks you from the first page to the last. I guarantee that once you pick up this book you won't be able to put it down"
  - Justin Wagner, Anchorage, Alaska

"......shockingly absorbing."
  - Publishers Weekly

Caution - This publication
contains graphic photographs.

ISBN 0-9719717-4-9, LCCN 2002104219, $60.00

Hard Cover, 9" x 12", 296 pages, 112 maps and illustrations, 
118 photographs, 42 charts, graphs, and tables, printed on acid free paper

Table of Contents

This definitive work examines the scientific facts, shedding new light on this awesome and misunderstood subject. Based on 40-years of painstaking research "Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century" is the only book to chronicle every known shark attack over this 100-year period. Through bone chilling accounts in victims own words, detailed maps of attacks locations and never before published photographs, this book presents the most accurate and comprehensive data ever assembled on the fearsome topic of shark attack. The understanding gained from this book will temper fear with knowledge and provide clear and specific information that may well make the difference between life and death.


About the Author

Internationally recognized as the leading authority on Pacific Coast shark attacks, the author is Founder and President of the Shark Research Committee, a nonprofit scientific research organization. Dedicated to expanding scientific knowledge, Collier has studied shark/human interactions for more than forty years. Excerpts from his exceptional collection of data and understanding about how, when, where, and why sharks attack have been published in professional journals and research symposium volumes. He pioneered the technique for using "interspace measurements" from tooth impressions to determine shark species and size, and was first to cite the significance of "recurring locations." Because most Pacific Coast attacks were perpetrated by White Sharks the author specializes in that species biology and predatory behavior. Ralph S. Collier continues to investigate and analyze each new shark/human interaction reported from the Pacific Coast of North America.

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