How to Use this Site

Welcome to the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research website.  This site contains over 580 pages of original material covering many aspects of the biology of sharks and rays (collectively termed elasmobranchs).

There are two basic ways to use this website:  1) browse (explore what's here) and, 2) search (find specific information).


Browsing is easiest if one takes a moment to learn how to navigate the website: 

Along the top of every page is a series of tabs, labeled "About Us", "Research", "Education", "Conservation", and "Publications". Click on a tab as desired

When you arrive at the front page of your choice, a new set of selections will appear in the 'sidebar' at the far right of the page.  These function in the same way as the drop menus:  as your cursor moves over each, it highlights in orange clicking a highlighted selection takes you to the page indicated.

The text on many of the pages includes 'hotlinks' to related material on other pages.  These are indicated in underlined blue.  To follow a hotlink, just click on the underlined blue.

The site map contains a list of every page in the site, grouped by subject.


Searching uses a powerful internal search engine called Atomz.  Simply enter your search terms in the box indicated (be as specific as you can there are further search hints on the Search page) and Atomz will list every page including those terms.  The page list will include your search term(s) in bold and show a few lines to give you a sense of the context in which they occur.  Simply select those pages that seem most related to your interests.

We hope you find this website interesting, useful, and fun to explore.

System Requirements

The pages are designed for an 800x600 screen resolution, and use non-web-safe colors.  To see them properly your system should be set to 32-bit color.


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