The Ultimate Guide to

Great White Watching

"Packed with information, photos, and drawings of the great white, this book will be an invaluable aid to those who want to learn more about our favorite shark, and to those who feel a particularly strong attachment to Carcharodon carcharias, the most charismatic of all sharks — indeed, the most fascinating of all the ocean's great predators."

- Richard Ellis
Author of The Book of Sharks

"A valuable reference guide to the greatest marine predator, and a significant addition to the Great White Shark literature."

- Carl Roessler
Sea Images, Inc.

"It belongs on the bookshelf and in the backpack of everyone interested in life in the sea, on the outside chance that you might be lucky enough to encounter this magnificent creature."

- Dr. John McCosker
California Academy of Sciences

ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research, Special Publication No. 1

with Special contributions by:
Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch
Jeff Kurr & Caterina Gennaro, and
Ralph S. Collier

208 pages
123 black-and white illustrations,
 including never-before-published photos 
and specially prepared artwork by 
acclaimed scientific illustrator,
Alessandro De Maddalena

Includes CD-ROM

18 original video clips, including specially-created computer animations showing how the Great White protrudes its jaws, maintains its body temperature, and how its senses work, footage of spectacular Great White behavior, a first aid video, an invitation to join the author studying the Great White in South Africa, plus hot-links to selected Internet resources, including 'hotlinks' to recommended cage diving operators.

ISBN: 0-9732395-0-6
Price:  US$34.95, plus shipping and handling

The definitive, world-wide guide on when and where to watch Great White Sharks and how to interpret their behavior.  Includes:

Table of Contents:


About Contributors


What's So Great About the Great White Shark?

Parallel swimming in two Great White Sharks 
©Alessandro de Madalena

Parallel swimming may establish dominance by allowing comparison of relative size, strength, and readiness to fight.  Drawing by Alessandro De Maddalena — all rights reserved.

About Sharks in General

        Shark Diversity

        Shark Characteristics

Great White Shark Biology




        Life History

Great White Shark Distribution

        Great White Shark "Hot Spots"

Great White Shark Diet and Feeding

        Prey Types

        Known Diet of the Great
        White Shark

        Predatory Strategies


        Off the Menu

Great White Shark Ecology

Great White Shark Surface Behavior

Great White Shark Social Behavior

Social Significance of the Great White's Pigmentation Pattern

Does the Great White Shark Play?

Guidelines for Watching Great White Sharks

        From Shore

        From a Boat

        While Diving

        Tips for Diving in a Shark Cage

        Tips on Photographing Great White Sharks, by Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch

        Techniques of Filming Great White Sharks, by Jeff Kurr and Caterina Gennaro

South African Great White Shark 
attacking a Cape Fur Seal 
©ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research
A Cape Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus)
meets its end off South Africa. 
Photo by Kathryn Hodgson — all rights reserved.

Where to See Great White Sharks



        South Australia

        South Africa

Identifying Individual Great White Sharks

Great White Shark Attacks

        Victim Characteristics

        Times and Places of Attacks

        Outcome of Attacks

        Motivation of Attacks

Safety Recommendations

        For Divers

        For Surfers

        If You or Your Companion is Attacked

Great White Shark Conservation


       Appendix 1: Great White Shark Feeding Form

       Appendix  2: White Shark Observation Form

       Appendix  3: White Shark Identification Form

       Appendix 4: White Shark Attack Form

       Appendix  5: Suggested Protocol for the Scientific Investigation of Shark Attacks,
       by Ralph S. Collier

       Appendix  6: Request for Reports of Stranded Great White Sharks

       Appendix  7: Fast Facts - The Great White at a Glance


Suggested Reading



        Scientific Papers


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