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Our site is becoming increasingly complex and information dense. This search engine may help you find the information you want.  Also please check out our site map for a quick guide.

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Search Tips:

  1. Use as specific a search phrase as you can.
  2. Take care typing in your search parameters - the search engine tries to second-guess spelling mistakes or typos, but is not always successful.
  3. The search engine weights pages by the number of times the words sought are found.  "Hammerhead Shark" will come up with all references to hammerheads, and every page with "shark" on it. Thus, the more times the word shark is in the page, the higher the rating.  Try asking for just "Hammerhead" or select to match the exact phrase.
  4. Try searching for the scientific name.  See the Checklist of Living Sharks.  Remember that because this is a work in progress, the names on the general pages may not yet have caught up to the list especially for Carcharhiniformes.

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