Cooperating Organizations

Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is western Canada's largest university.  The Zoology Department of UBC maintains a Fish Museum, which at 800,000 specimens, is the second-largest ichthyological collection in Canada.  Under the kind encouragement and sponsorship of Eric B. Taylor, Curator of the UBC Fish Museum, I was recently made a Research Associate of the Museum.  This posting grants me regular access to the Museum's 332 cartilaginous fish specimens as well as the considerable resources ( research equipment, library, databases, and scholars) of UBC.  I am presently working on updating the catalogue of the UBC Fish Museum's cartilaginous fish collection and undertaking selected studies on specimens contained therein.


Nova Southeastern


Oceanographic Center

A leader in distance education, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is the amalgamation in 1994 of Nova University and Southeastern Medical School.  NSU's Oceanographic Center is closely affiliated with the National Coral Reef Institute, the Guy Harvey Research Institute, and the Aquaculture Research Center.  Through these venues, NSU's Oceanographic Center offers a wide range of graduate programs.  Under the aegis of Andrew Rogerson, Director of Graduate Studies, I was recently made an Adjunct Professor of NSU's Oceanographic Center.  Working with Dr. Rogerson and Jane Dougan, Coordinator of Distance Learning, I am presently developing course materials for a graduate-level course in elasmobranch biology, which I will teach through NSU's Oceanographic Center in September 2004.  I am also preparing a textbook for this course.


Founded in 1962, the Shark Research Committee (SRC) is an independent scientific research organization headed by Ralph S. Collier specializing in the study of White Shark-human interactions and White Shark predatory behavior.  The SRC also scientifically investigates shark attacks and maintains comprehensive research files on authenticated shark attacks that have occurred along the Pacific Coast of North America.  Ralph is among my most valued colleagues and dearest friends, who has taught me far more about White Shark biology and behavior than he realizes. I am lucky to be collaborating with him on several research projects.


Shark Research InstituteShark

Founded in 1991 by Marie Levine, the Shark Research Institute (SRI) is a non-profit, international, scientific organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks. The Institute conducts and sponsors multidisciplinary research projects throughout the world.  Marie has a special interest in the scientific investigation of shark attacks and is the curator of the Global Shark Attack Files.  Alex Antoniou is SRI's Director of Field Operations for Operation Whale Shark, which provides opportunities for lay-persons to assist in their on-going field research on this species.  I was recently honored by being asked to establish and head a new branch of SRI in Canada and to participate in Operation Whale Shark.


African Shark Eco Charters

Founded by Chris Fallows and Rob Lawrence, African Shark Eco Charters was created to advance the understanding of sharks. They have combined marine experience of 14 years, much of which was spent working with the White Shark Research Institute at Dyer Island.  Now based out of Capetown, they continue their studies of White Shark behavior and introduce small groups to the creature they have come to know so well.  Chris, in particular, has taught me a great deal about White Shark behavior and I feel very fortunate to be collaborating with African Shark Eco Charters on several projects.



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