Topics in Shark Biology: Diversity

Checklist of Living Sharks - R. Aidan Martin's working attempt at sorting out the total diversity of living sharks and how they are related to one another.  Current as of 28 March 2002.

Bully for Batoids! - What's so important about skates and rays?

Building a Better Mouth Trap - Why, after 400 million years of success as active predators, did four separate lineages of elasmobranch suddenly switch to placid grazing?

If I had a Hammer - What is the function of the goofy head of hammerhead sharks?

Origin and Evolution of the "Hammer" - How, exactly, did hammerhead sharks evolve their strange, T-bar heads?

In Search of the Golden Hammerhead - Can there really be such a thing?

Patterns in Lamnoid Evolution - An evolutionary survey of the lamnoid sharks, looking at multiple occurrences of warm-bodiedness and filter-feeding

Arctic Sharks? - Sharks are generally thought of as warm-water creatures.  Are there any that live in Arctic seas?

Swimming with Jurassic Sharks -


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