Topics in Shark Biology:

A Matter of Scale - Marine animals come in all sizes. How do we compare with the largest sharks and other giants?

Big Fish Stories - What are the five heaviest of living elasmobranchs?

The Power of Shark Bites - With how much force can sharks clamp down and how do we know?

Haulin' Bass - What's the speediest marine creature, and how do the fastest humans and sharks measure up?

What is the Smallest Species of Shark? - In a game of inches, the winner by a nose is ...

What is the Largest Shark Ever Caught? - Verifying such records is more difficult than you might think!

Elasmobranch Record Holders - A somewhat subjective, but hopefully interesting, collection of the "mostest and the leastest" among living sharks and rays


ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research
Text and illustrations R. Aidan Martin
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